Best plan to Choose to buy on eBay in Mauritius ?

Hi guys, i was very frequently ask by friends and colleagues, how to buy on eBay? Do I use a credit card ? what about prepaid card ? which bank to get your card ?

eBay is the new era of the upcoming generation. This Reviews is more focus on Mauritian people, i want to share the facilities that get when buying on eBay.

Here is the first step : Register to eBay by clicking here.




You have 2 choice, First is to apply a credit card and second to apply a prepaid card. You will atleast one of these cards to be able to purchase on product from eBay. Debit cards wont work at all. Generally a credit card is linked with a saving account.

Lets Choose yours Bank :

SBM Bank :

  • Credit Card : fair
  • Prepaid Card : average
  • Customer service : medium
  • Internet banking : Worst
  • Rates: High
  • Conclusion : i will definitely not recommend this bank but some people can get advantage like one of there branch is near you etc… its up to you.

HSBC Bank:

  • Credit Card: fair
  • Prepaid Card : none
  • Customer service : Very High
  • Internet banking : Worst
  • Rates : medium
  • Conclusion: If you are a businessman then this bank suit you well, this bank has the worst internet banking interface that i have ever used and even their website is crappy. One main disadvantage is when you transfer money on you credit card you can wait at-least 24hrs to get it updated on your account.

Cim Finance :

  • Credit Card : worst
  • Prepaid Card: none
  • Customer service : Very poor
  • Internet banking : none
  • Rates : Very high
  • Conclusion: Except if you have not the choice, never apply for a credit card there. Keep that for an extreme emergency case :D, Always keep your receipt or they can tell you that you did not pay your account.

MCB Bank :

  • Credit Card: good
  • Prepaid Card : Yes
  • Customer service : average
  • Internet banking : Best
  • Rates : High
  • Conclusion : Actually i recommended this bank for any of your transaction, This bank has proved that he can deliver an outstanding internet service comapared to the other banks and that we need when doing some online purchase.

I was a Client of all the bank Mention above 😀 that’s my review.

Now time for the real question are you for a prepaid card or a Credit Cards ?

Prepaid Card  Advantages :

No account required.

Nearly anyone can apply to a Prepaid card.

Your money is converted directly to the currency of your choice.

Prepaid Card Disadvantages :

No internet banking

Each payment with the card a tiny percent is taken as fees to the bank

You will have to fill deposit forms and stand in queues to deposit your money

You will have the restriction of office hours. You are stuck on public holiday if you want to deposit money on your card.

Credit Card Advantages :

You can use your internet banking to credit money to your card anytime it usually about 1hr to get updated.

No queue need to make your deposit, Everything is handle on your Internet bank.

No percentage is taken when buying online.

Credit Card Disadvantages :

You will need most of the case that your salary should be deposited there and you will need a saving account.

There will be a percentage fees taken when you do not pay back the totality of the  credit amount at the end of the month. (Tips I suggest you guys to take the least amount possible as credit card, at MCB the least amount is Rs2500 )

I let you choose what kind of card you want to go for. Once you got your card. You will need a Paypal account click here to create your Paypal account.

Choose personal account and fill the form.

Once you have login into your Paypal account, under Profile click add/edit Credit Card

On the page click add card and fill the form.

1$ will be taken on your account and in the description of the transaction there will be a 4 digit code, that money will be refund to you afterwards by paypal. This 4 digit is the verification code ask by paypal to confirm your card. You can phone your bank and ask them your Paypal code on the transaction that you just did. Enter the 4 digits into your account and its done.

Search your item that you want to buy on eBay, click on buy it now, click on continue with Paypal :



Enter you Paypal email that you use to register and your Paypal password.

Click on Pay Now.

You just bought your first item on eBay.

Have a nice Shopping !!!

Article by Ash

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi