Get your Motorcycle License in Mauritius, How to ?

Guys i want to share my experience to you, so that you can get your Motorcycle License with confidence and do not fear to take the step to get it.

First of all I assume that you have your motorcycle Learner with you, next step you will need to go at the headquarters of MPF ( Les Casernes Central – Line Barracks ) which is found at Port-Louis to fix an appointment to make the Practical Test for Motorcycle. Actually I talking of year 2015 the fee to fix the appointment for the Practical Test is Rs 500 (~$14), so let’s not waste that money.

The Practical Test is compose of two section, if you fail to pass the first section you can go home and if you fail the second section you go home also and fix another appointment which will cost you Rs 500 (~$14) again.

Section One :

You have to make a Slalom through 5 traffic cones , Below is an example of the slalom that you will have to do. Note that there will be NO YELLOW cones and you will be given more room to make, so guys don’t get stress about it. In theory the Instructor will take each bike length and will adjust the cone to your bike. But If everyone agrees that the instructor take the spacing between cone from the longest bike then you have more room for your motorcycle. If you pass that step you can consider that you got your License :D.

Section Two :

You will start on an Starting point and you will have to stop at an intersection, remember to stop wave your right hand-side before stopping and stop before the White Line. If you did wave your hand or cross slightly the white line you fail. One more important thing when you stop always put both feet on the ground. Then you should clearly show that you are looking both direction before crossing the road with your Motorcycle.

The instructor will show you a long pole at the end of the road where you should stop and make a right turn to comeback at the initial starting point.  Don’t forget when you stop to put you left flasher and wave signal with your right to show you are going to stop. When you have stopped put you right flasher show well that you are checking both direction before making your turn to the left.

Now here is the catch the most important thing in this section, when returning back to the initial point, it is a no entry !! so do not ride straight at the end of the road or you will fail as you entered a NO ENTRY road.

Here what you should, stop about 10 meters before the Football ground ends at your left put your flasher to the left and wave sign with your hand and stop. Now turn off the engine and get off the bike. You will need to push the bike to cross the intersection and put it into the parking and Voila !! You have pass you Motorcycle License.

Below is an image to resume the track :


Important Tips on that day :

  1. Use Large L sign on your motorcycle the one that cars uses, Do not use the small ones.
  2. Check that your headlight is working properly.
  3. Check that your tires are not worn out.
  4. Your horn should work correctly
  5. Check that helmet is well tied securely under your neck.
  6. Your number should be big and black on white color.
  7. Your Flasher should work .
  8. Your exhaust pipe should have its silencer.
  9. Your insurance vignette and Declaration of motorcycle should be visible on your motorcycle.
  10. REMEMBER to put your HEADLIGHTS before starting the slalom.

Now you are good to go. If you guys have any questions do drop me a comment I will gladly reply to your request.

Article by Ash

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