Hello Panda 35g vs Hello Panda 50g who will win ?

So what is Hello panda biscuits ?

Hello Panda is a biscuit with a creamy chocolate Flavored cream. I know most of the kids like when you have a creamy chocolate cream inside of a biscuit, personally I’m a fan of that biscuit and I decided to write a review on that I know I’m not a kid anymore but it’s still yummy.



When you got to the supermarket to buy some Hello Panda you are always thinking that which one I should take, the small packet or the box one ? I made the test and I will show you both and let you guys decide by yourself.

On the picture below you can see the two different packets of Hello Panda that I have for our test :


On our left we have the small packet of 35g  net weight and on our right hand side we have the heavyweight champion of 50g. Now let’s check the prices the small packet of 35g cost Rs 13.30  (~$0.38) and the bigger one of 50g costs Rs 24.00 (~$0.68).



Sorry for the bad quality of the image but this can gives you an idea about the price. (calculate rate for MUR to USD = 1 to 0.03).

I opened the first one and here what i see :



There are 13 small delicious Pandas with chocolate creamy flavored biscuits. Which means that one biscuit cost Rs 1.03 (~$0.03) for the small packet. How about the bigger one :


There are 17 small delicious Pandas into that big box and after calculating one biscuit cost Rs 1.41 (~$0.04) . Wow I know what you are telling yourself, you got fooled by the packaging, and that is a marketing strategy. Bigger package does not means that you will more for the same rate :D.

Here is my conclusion :

Beautiful packing in the supermarket always hides something behind it so guys careful when you buy stuff this little review on biscuit can say long on marketing strategies. Coming back  to our little Pandas, I think that you all got the answer, It’s more profitable to buy the small packet that the big one :D.

Hope this help you. My Pandas are waiting for me :D.


Article by Ash

“Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them.” – Obi-Wan Kenobi