How to create a Virtual Machine Or Vm (Linux) ?

What is a Virtual machine or VM ?

I will keep it short and simple as possible, Its a folder/file on your  “computer” where it contains the installation of an operating system (Windows/Linux/Mac OS/FreeBSD …. ).

As the name suggest it, its virtual, so you can say that there is an “application”  that will emulate a real computer on your actual computer, get the point ?

Here a small example for you that you can have a picture in your mind. Everyone knows about PlayStation 1, nowadays you have an application that run on your PC which can play PlayStation 1 game directly by putting the ps1 CD in your DVD-Reader. Below is an image from

PS 1.2


You can say this is a virtual machine that emulate PlayStation 1 device. Let’s get back to our stuff, our virtual machine will emulate the function of a real PC rather that a PlayStation device and you will be able to use it as a real computer as if you powered on physically your PC.

Now how to create your first virtual machine (Vm) :

For this tutorial i will be using virtual box to emulate our PC. Follow this link to download Virtual Box : Virtualbox5.0.exe or go directly to the main page Download Page.

Ok after completing the installation, open the application and click on New.


Type ubuntu in the name section then Type and version will automatically adjust itself.  If you are using a 32bit Operating System please scroll the version to a 32bit. Click on Next.

For this tutorial i will be using the ISO of Ubuntu 14.04-desktop-amd64 (64-bit), you can download it here for free.


Choose 512MB for the RAM size. Next

Choose  “Create a virtual hard disk now“. Create

Choose “VDI (VirtualBox Disk Image)“. Next

Choose “Dynamically allocated“. Next


You can choose the path where the Folder/files will be create, this will represent your Hard disk. 8GB is largely enough for this tutorial but if you want to assign more is up to you. Create

Its time now to boot our Linux image on our Virtual machine Click on ubuntu then on Setting on the top bar.

  1. Click on Storage
  2. On the Yellow red edge square, drop down the menu and click on Choose Virtual Optical Disc File…
  3. Browse to open the ubuntu image that you have Download here. Note that you will notice that the name will change under the Controller: IDE tab. Click on OK


4. Double click on your virtual machine named ubuntu and your linux is ready to install.

Congrats on creating your Virtual Machine, You can repeated the same thing for a windows image install also.


I will make another post on how to install Ubuntu, but if you want to use Ubuntu without installing it Click on Try Ubuntu.

Article by Ash

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