How to install Tekken 6 on PC ?

Good news we can now play Tekken 6 on PC, It was one of my biggest dream to play Tekken 6 on PC but unfortunately all the emulators failed to deliver the best performance. So this one is an PSP emulator for PC that works just great !!


Let’s get it work on your PC now :

Here is the Download link here

The file is approximately ~880MB. Once you get you the file download just extract it and follow the instructions :



Go into the “ppsspp64” folder and Double click on PPSSPPWindows64.exe :


Click on file at the top and open or Load on the menu browse your Tekken iso as below and click open :



Once the iso is open you will see the Tekken icon above, just on it and it will start to load :


I use an Xbox 360 wireless controller and it work just fine.

Very easy to install and it have been a very long time that I have not played Tekken so its time for me to get some training :D. Personally from my part its just awesome no lag and it run as fluid as on a PlayStation.

Hope you guys will love this game. If you are getting trouble do leave me a comment I can help you guys.

Article by Ash

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