How to install Windows 10 guide.

Let’s install Windows 10 😀

Make your bootable pendrive with the iso of your windows 10 and boot it.


Click on Next and Click in Install Now.

Click on skip when asking the product key or just put your product key :D, Click on Next.


Click on I accept the license terms and Click on Next.

Click on Custom : Install Windows only (advanced).


Now we can choose our disk where to install our windows. If you have old partitions I suggest you to delete all the partitions and create a new one. Then select the primary partition and click on Next.



After the install Windows will ask you again to enter your product key if you have not entered it at the beginning :


Click on Do this later. which is found below the the Text box.


Click on Use Express settings.


Click on I own it. Click on Next.


If you have an Microsoft account you can put it there and sign in, this will automatically create your account and setup your preferences etc … Personally I hate that things, Its another way to spy me :D. So i prefer to click on Skip this step. Create your account and Click on Next as shown below :


After waiting for about 5-10mins depending on the performance of your Pc of course you will get your desktop ready for use :


So guys I hope that my small tutorial has help you to make your Windows 10 install as smooth as possible, I’m not a great fan of Windows but yet I can say that this version seem better than the previous one and has great potentials. I will be looking forward to make a review of the operating system in my further posts. If you are getting error or problem do leave me a message, I shall reply you guys as quickly as I can.

Article by Ash

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