How to port forward on ZXHN H108N V2.5 ?

I got my ZXHN from my actual ISP and i struggle a lot before setting up my port forwarding. In this tutorial I will show it to you in simple steps.

What is port Forwarding ?

It forward the traffic on a specific port number from an public ip to a private ip found in your local network. This way anyone in the world can access the port.

Port forward is useful when you want to host a service on a private ip ( ) and make the world able to access it. As we all know if you type this ip in your address bar in your browser you would probably get an error. If you are hosting a web-server on a PC/server at home and you want that everyone can access it, you will need to port forward port 80.

1) Access your administration page of the router :

Type in your address bar of your router.


The default username and password is : admin

Once you have login to the interface click on Application tab :



Now click on the Port Forwarding tab.



As you can see above i already have configure my port 80, All traffic coming to my router on port 80  will be redirected to port 80 on my local ip



Your port has been correctly forwarded to your internal network. Post a comment if you have any problem.


Article by Ash

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