How to use Multi desktop in Windows 10 ?

What is a Multi desktop (Task View) ?

As his name suggest it is several desktop environment on one Pc. You can have different desktop containing different applications at the same time. Originally this functionality was already implemented on Linux systems very very long time ago.

Let me show you guys how it works :

Click on the small icon like a smart phone at the bottom of the task bar, which is named Task View and click on the “+ New Desktop ” this will add a new desktop environment.


As you can see on the screen shots below you got now several desktops :


What is the purpose of having lots of Desktops ?

I guess this is the question that is comming to your mind. The answer is simple, you can organise your work and be more productive at work. Below is a small sample when you have application on different desktops.


Having multiple workspace enable to categorizer your work as you want, you can choose one desktop to put all your personal things like music, youtube, photo etc… and one desktop to put some document that you are working. Thus you can switch instantly from work to relax mode or from one work to another in seconds without the need to struggle among lots of windows on the same desktop.

I have been using workspace similar to on my Linux systems and from my experience this is an awesome feature introduced in Windows 10. Personally I can say that Microsoft has well inspired himself on Linux desktop environment like Gnome to produce this feature.


Article by Ash

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