How Windows 10 replaces the progress bar ?

Hi guys, I wanted to share how Windows 10 the latest brew of Microsoft 2015 manage to make us wait during his installation. Personally I can say that it provide a change and some kind of innovation to the traditional Progress bar of installation of Windows. Lets check out some nice screen shots :


On the start as you can see Windows tells you a big ” HI ” , it makes some kind feel more “human” and warm. We played from Microsoft. Let’s go to the next just after that one :


This one show that Microsoft know what he is doing, just a little waiting time, as you can see no progress bar :D. Next.


Still no progress bar but you have a message that make you feel that it should be quick, all that on an animated background in blue. I guess the choice of the blue the very strategic as we know the blue colour has an appeasing effect on our subconscious and Microsoft has make use of the full potential of that colour. Some people have even claimed that the blue colour was the key of windows success. Furthermore below the next slide of Microsoft:


To make you feeling that the system installation is still going on and makes you feel that its nearly over, Microsoft has well played on the words.

justwindows10Then another Message making you waiting more yet keeping that feeling that it will be over in few seconds. With those words Microsoft has managed to make you wait the installation without knowing really at what percentage of the installation has been completed, You will get and wait the installation all the way long expecting that it will be over quickly and instead you have been waiting in-front for more that ~5mins :D.


Finally Windows Bring you the smile after waiting the installation and tells you that he is ready :D.

Do Drop me comment on how you have experiment the way Windows 10 have present the progression on the configuration the the operating system.

Article by Ash

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