Install cod4 Server on linux x64 (Crack version).

What is COD4 ?

COD4 re-translated as Call of duty 4, one of the most played call of duty series even nowadays the time that I’m writing this article. I will show you guys how to install a COD4 server home on a Linux server so that you can let it run forever and much more affordable.

Step one

Installation of the basic packages:

You will need to have a Linux server already installed, if you don’t know what I’m talking about you can visit one of these link that might help you guys :

$sudo -s   
$apt-get update && apt-get install upgrade
$apt-get install screen lib32stdc++6 libstdc ia32-libs lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0
$dpkg --add-architecture i386

Step Two

Downloading and decompressing the game

$cd /home
$tar -xvjf cod4_1.7_full_linux.tar.bz2
$rm cod4_1.7_full_linux.tar.bz2

Step Three

configuration of the server

$cd /home/cod4
$mv cod4_lnxded-bin cod4_lnxded-bin.bak

Upload this file the crack file on the server : cod4_lnxded-bin

$cd /home/cod4/main
$nano server.cfg

Here are the important configuration in the server the rest is up to you to customize your own server settings :

set net_ip "localhost"
set net_port "28960"
set net_noipx "1

// Password Settings 
set rcon_password "minon"            // RCON must supply pw to use 
set sv_privatePassword "pop"       // Private slots, non-public slots 
set g_password ""

For the ip and the password section I let you choose your own information.
If you want a sample configuration file you can upload mine : serverconf

Open the following files,, and check if the path of the server is correct.

Step Four

Lauching the game.

$cd /home/cod4/

Check the server console :

screen -x

!! Warning !!
If you quit this screen with a ctrl+d key your server will be down. Press ctrl+a keep holding on ctrl and press d. This will detach the screen, to go back to the console type the command earlier mentioned.

Last thing that I nearly forgot to mentioned is the Port forwarding for COD4 :

  • 28960
  • 28961
  • 20800
  • 20810

Here an article that can help you to manage port forwarding on your router : link.

Hope this help you guys do message if you get any errors or if you want help.

Article by Ash

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