No-ip Domain Registration Yes/No ? minimum price for a domain name is 15$/yr. I know its not the cheapest place on Internet to buy your domain name but yet I choose it.

I assume that you guys know how to sign up on a website :D. The main point that I want to highlight is when you buy a domain, its a wildcard domain ” * “.

These are your sub-domains :,, …

And on noip i assume that you would like to use the Dns servers of noip, you will not be allow to create subdomain unless you upgrade to “No-IP Enhanced” and it cost you $19.95 to have up to 25 hostname.




Thats crazy, i was disappointed on seeing this. While doing some research on the website i came across another package : The Plus DNS / Domain Reg package, there you have have 50 hosts or subdomain for $17.95.


If you do their surveys on top of your admin panel you can save $5 :D.

Here a tips what i did finally, I went on cloudflare and sign up and free account and set my nameserver to cloudflare.

Thanks to cloudflare I have a nice interface where i can add remove and play around with my DNS option without problem. So Guys be careful when you spend money after buying a domain.

Personally I will buy my Domain on noip and the rest will be managed off the site. Here you are a review on domain registration at

Article by Ash

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