Reviewing Happy Raja in Mauritius at Phoenix.

Hello guys I went lunch with my friends at the Happy Raja restaurant found at jumbo Phoenix.


As we enter the restaurant we already have the feeling that we are transported into India with an beautiful status of a lady pouring water into a basin accompanied by some nice smell of different kind of spices.

We have ordered some specialities on Indian food mainly thalies :

The waiting time for the food was quite fair nothing to really complain about as we had some nice music to entertain us during the waiting of the food. The restaurant was not so crowded and the waitress was very attentive to us. Still you can count on waiting 15-20mins to get your food.

On the other hand the drinks came just five minutes after the order went. Here some pics of there delicious lassie :

Perfect sweet lassie from Happy Raja that we have enjoyed there.

How was the food ?

I took a veg thali, as shown above in the picture. The taste of every curry was excellent but i still feel that there was something lacking in the plate that will make me really feel that I’m in an Indian restaurant. Yet we have a nice lunch time there.

Overall I can give a 7.5/10 for the Happy Raja restaurant.

The only thing that will make me think twice before going back again to Happy Raja is their prices. They have quite high prices for their food.

If you have appreciate or dislike your visit a Happy Raja, share your opinions. I shared a small video.

Article by Ash

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